Amsterdam December 2022

Amsterdam December 2022

Our favourite coffeeshops and strains from December 2022 

Coffeeshop Solo based in a quieter area of the city around 10min walk from Amsterdam Centraal train station. like most coffeeshops its small and dark but has decent seats in the window area allowing you to look across a small canal.


Donkey butter was the strain of the day and it didn't disappoint, 13 euros per gram heavy indica with outstanding earthy aromas with an old skool taste.


Coffeeshop Rookies is a 5min walk from the Rijksmuseum close to excellent restaurants, bars and shops. Tram within a 2min walk, Rookies is a large coffeeshop offering a few seats outside on the pavement area which is extremely rare in Amsterdam these days due to the by-laws.


El Jefe (named after the famous wandering Mexican Jaguar) came highly recommended with those earthy undertones and lemony flavour it certainly hit the spot, it cured the back ache from the plane ride the previous day.


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